Check-In Guide


At 15:00 on your check-in day you will receive an SMS from us with the PIN code to check into the hotel.

You will also see your room number and additional information.

Access the hotel

Your Check-In PIN code works on both the main hotel door and your room door. Just type in the code on the keypad.

Find your room

Our rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. Just follow the signs inside. All rooms that start with a 2 are located on the second floor. Rooms that start with 3 are located on the third floor

Check into your room

Use the same PIN code from our SMS on the keypad for your rooms door. You will hear the door unlock and you can access your room.

Enjoy your stay

You can use your PIN code at any time to access the hotel. On your check-out day your personal PIN code will stop working at 12:00, after this you will no longer be able to use it on our doors.


If your code is not working when you are trying to check in, or you have not received a code, please call our Hotel Phone under +47 46285850.

We wish you a pleasant stay!