Terms and conditions for alteration and cancellation

Fully Flexible Reservation Policy

Cancellation and Modification Terms: Guests holding fully flexible reservations are accorded the privilege to cancel or modify their bookings without any financial penalty, provided that such changes are communicated to the hotel no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in time. To cancel or amend your reservation, please contact our reservations department at reception@canyonhotell.no with your booking reference number.

Non-Refundable Reservation Policy

Amendment of Reservation Dates: Guests who have opted for non-refundable reservations are entitled to amend their booking dates up to one week prior to the originally scheduled check-in. Should the amended dates incur a higher rate, the guest shall be responsible for the payment of the rate differential. To request a change in reservation dates, please contact our reservations team at reception@canyonhotell.no with your booking reference number and desired new dates.

Cancellation Terms: Please be advised that non-refundable reservations are not eligible for cancellation. As such, we encourage our guests to consider their travel plans carefully before finalizing their bookings.

Rate Adjustments: In the event of a date change request, if the new dates chosen are subject to a higher rate than the original booking, the guest will be required to settle the difference in rates. The additional charge will be calculated based on the rate applicable for the new dates at the time of the amendment request.

Group Reservations

All alterations and cancellations must be made by sending an e-mail to reception@canyonhotell.no.

For group reservations (more than 4 rooms) different terms apply. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Obligations and responsibility of Canyon Hotell guests

Agreements concerning hotel room reservations are binding on both parties.
A booking is binding once it has been confirmed and you have received a booking reference. This may be given verbally, in writing or through the booking system. When making a booking, you are required to state your name, address, email address, arrival and departure time and pre-pay. Guests are obliged to provide correct contact information when making their bookings. It is important that you state your email address and phone number, since it is required in order for you to receive your booking confirmation (via email) and keycode access (via SMS) on the day of your check-in.
The Keycode access you will get on the day of your arrival, will be valid until the agreed check-out date. After 12.00 am of the check-out date, the keycode will no longer work.

To book a room at Canyon Hotell, you must be at least 18 years. You who book the room for a minor are liable regardless of whether you stay with the minor in the room or not. 
Minors under the age of 18 can not stay without parental responsibility, the permission form is not valid. For security reason we only allow our staff members and checked-in guests in our hotel rooms and other reserved premises.

It is not permitted to give keycode access to anyone other than the person(s) registered as the guest(s) in the room.

During their stays, guests are obliged to abide by the hotel regulations as well as the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities.

Hotel guests and others who visit the hotel must not subject other hotel guests or people who live nearby to disruption, disturbances or danger. Guests who fail to live up to these obligations can be expelled from the hotel without any claim to compensation of any kind. If any incidents occurs, the guest(s) are liable to pay a fine, that can be up to 5000,- NOK.

Hotel guests are legally and financially liable for any damage they, with or without intent, may cause to the hotel or any injury they may cause to a third party, including but not limited to, destruction of property or removal of property from the hotel without permission.

Smoking is not permitted at the hotel. Smoking in the rooms or the hallways will trigger the fire alarms. All costs linked to any such triggering of the fire alarms or room damages will be charged to the person(s) who caused it, or to the contact person linked to the booking of the room.

Obligations and responsibility of the hotel

In the event that the hotel, for reason beyond the control of the hotel, is unable to provide the guest with a room that he or she has already booked and paid for, the hotel shall be entitled to provide said guest(s) with accommodation at another local hotel and at no extra charge. The hotel is obliged to inform the guest in question of such changes and arrangements without delay.

The hotel rooms will be cleaned on a daily basis, unless the guests choose to join us into making a positive impact on our environment by being an Arctic Green Guest, therefore hang the "Green Guest" sign.

Pursuant to Norwegian legislation, the hotel is responsible for its guests and their possessions, but only to the extent that any damages or injuries are the result of intentional actions or of negligence on the part of the hotel staff. In the event that a guest should wish to claim such intent or negligence on the part of the hotel staff, said guest shall be required to prove such in each and every case.

In the event that a guest should wish the hotel to take on greater responsibility for his or her valuables, he or she can request that the hotel accept such for safekeeping. The hotel is entitled to refuse such a request.

For your own safety

Always note where the emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. Check the information on the back of your hotel room door.  Also read our "Quick Info" framed in your room.

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